Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Time to move...

I started my blog so my Pop could keep up on my life. Then my hip surgery seemed like good info for people. Now it is July and I am feeling like catching up. The last 6 months I had surgery and decided to start a new sales job. It has been a crazy half year and I am so looking forward the coming days and weeks.

I have watched people race, ride, ski and train and it has been fun considering I wish I was out there. Madeline even got to wear my new ski boots before I did! Geesh! It was well worth it because she had a great time hitting the slopes with Tim, Dave and John!

It is time to get back in shape...slowly. I need to figure out how to get healthy and get in the best shape of my life for next year...because it is a biggie! I am going to focus on my cycling and finally get to race for Altitude and with MB. I can't wait!

Swimming will also be added back in as I quit going to the pool weeks ago. Not lazy...and not motivated. Time to dig in and find my inner athlete again! Yahoo!

My hip has healed and the team at Panther has done a spectacular job rehabbing me with balance and strength. I am going to start pool running and work on my form so that when I hit the ground I am the perfect runner...making Bobby McGee proud!

Time to move again...

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  1. Hi Beth, I too have been facing injury after injury and seems like I'm always in recovery mode. Frustrating. I am scheduled for PRP injections and wonder how your PROLO injections went. This is for ischial tuberosity hamstring tendon microtears, which it sounds like you had as well. Thanks for replying and hang in there. Hope your hip surgery went well and you are in full recovery mode. Maybe I'll see you at the L2L next June. I can only do the aquabike now because I can't run due to the hamstring injuries, but hope I'll be running by then.